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There is an incredible underrepresentation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in the environmental field. At the Urban Ecology Center, we believe that this reality of exclusion is racist, and needs to change.

As we work toward change going forward, we must acknowledge the historical trauma caused by centuries of land theft, enslavement, lynchings, and segregation. Furthermore, the environmental field continues to exclude, misrepresent, and silence BIPOC voices. We strive to disrupt these patterns of injustice alongside many others in our field.

Our mission is to connect people in cities to nature and each other. To carry out that mission, we must confront the ways in which white supremacy and systemic racism disconnect people from nature and each other. We actively work to preserve and celebrate the simple human right to be outside.

The Urban Ecology Center is committed to nurturing and maintaining a culture of dignity, equity, and justice. We want our staff, board, volunteers, and relationships with community partners to reflect the diverse communities we serve and for all experiences, backgrounds, and identities to be honored. However, as an environmental organization with predominantly white staff and leadership, we know we have work to do. This work includes investing the time and energy to uncover how white supremacy and systemic racism are a part of our organization and working to remove them.

We are committing to actively working toward these goals in 2021 and beyond:

  1. Increase the number of BIPOC in our organization (leadership, staff, board, volunteers, community partners)
  2. Ensure that anti-racism is an integral part of our work as we advance our mission of connecting people in cities to nature and each other
  3. Explore the historical roots of white supremacy in the environmental movement and dismantle them within our organization
  4. Shift decision-making power within the organization to amplify BIPOC voices

 Our staff share this statement with their own voices:

Click here to read more about Equity, Dignity, and Justice work at UEC and how we created this statement.


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