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Turtle Research

The Milwaukee and Menomonee Rivers and the Washington Park lagoon are host to several species of turtles including snapping turtles, soft-shelled turtles and painted turtles. We know this because of the work community scientists have contributed to the project since 2008.

Turtle surveys are conducted by canoe using baited hoop traps. Turtles are marked and released to help us determine population dynamics. If getting in hip waders and canoeing to traps is not your style, we also conduct leisurely walking surveys, looking for turtles basking in the morning sun.

smooth softshell turtle
Smooth softshell turtle

turtle trap
Hoop traps

The Center’s turtle research has received valuable funding from:

  • The Milwaukee County Zoological Society
  • The Citizen-based Monitoring Network of Wisconsin’s Partnership Program.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes Research Initiative

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