Donor List

Many thanks to the local foundations, corporations & all of you who have become members, renewed your membership, given a gift membership or made a donation to our mission this fiscal year. We work hard to recognize all our supporters accurately. Contact Brittany Peters at 964-8505 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if your name has not appeared as you expected.

This list is updated on a bi-monthly basis and reflects donations given during the Urban Ecology Center’s fiscal year beginning September 1, 2023.

Members & Donors
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  • A
    Anonymous (8)
    Richard Albert
    Buzz and Barbara Althoen
    Lynn Anders and Peter Kohlhoff
    Sam Aznaurov

    JoAnn Bachar
    Jeffrey and Anne Ballentine
    Samantha Ballman
    Kevin Barnes and Nancy Bird
    Todd and Betty Berens
    Kendal Bladorn
    Megan and Johann Blankschien
    Bert and Janet Bleke
    Helen Bleser

    John and Kay Bowman
    Cari and Chris Bray
    Jeff and Laura Bray
    Alexander Brodsky and Jacqueline Gearhart
    Juan Buitrago

    Michael Calabrese
    Tom Callan
    Linda and Mark Carlson
    Kevin and Judy Carr
    Dennis and Jean Casper
    Nancy and Jared Clarkin

    Karen and Milton Dabbert
    Deborah Daley

    Mary Lou and Nick DeFino
    Jeanne DeMint
    Francis Dettloff and Jackie Reid Detloff
    Kathy DeVries and Richard Hawkins
    Carol and Bob Diggelman
    Sarah DiStefano and Brandon Sterkenburg
    Christina Disterhaft
    Linda Dohmen
    Aria Duax and John Dye

    Katie Eisenberg
    Julia Ela and Phillip Sasser

  • F
    Randall and Mary Farah
    Jasper Farin
    Julia and Patrick Fennelly
    Goran Filipovic and Michelle Kramer
    Christa Fisher
    Katie and Doug Fisher
    Davita Flowers-Shanklin and Adam Haggerty
    Meghan and Josh Forseth
    Nanci Fredrich

    Susan Goldsmith
    Geli and Larry Golopol
    Jessica Gorecki
    Nancy Grainer
    Dennis Grzezinski and Jane Porath

    Mary Gute Witte and Ned Witte
    Kelly and David Guthery

    Vincent Hallmann and Anna Jean Hallmann
    Ed Hammond and Marcia Brooks
    Joan Hansen
    Colton Hanus and Sckilayre Eberhardy
    Michael and Monica Haubenschild
    Deborah Heim and Ross Hightower
    Matthew Helmerich and Jeffrey Harwell
    Ellen Henning-Laatsch
    Cara Hense
    Jen and Mark Hense

    Allison Hense-Merz and Michael Merz
    Kathy Herbst and Jan Jahnke
    Sally Heuer and Steve Culver
    Kathy and John Hickey
    Mrs. Barbara B. Hill and Dr. E. Alexander Hill
    Roland Hoffman
    Amanda Holzer
    Emily Hubbard
    Jill and Gregory Huffer


    Lorraine Jacobs
    Elise Jaffee
    Bryn Johnson
    Melanie and Anthony Julio
    Daniel and Marissa Jurik
    Marissa Jurik

  • K
    Robert and Suzanne Kanack
    Erin Kaprelian
    John and Kathleen Karkheck
    Susie Kasten
    John Kaufman
    Diane Kercheck and David Voight
    Randy and Barb Kiel
    Evan and Debbie Kirkstein
    Kevin and Melissa Klein
    Angie Klemm and Jon Breschak
    Colin Klemstein
    Judy Knight and Al Rank
    William and Jennifer Koch
    Dennis Kois, Sr. and Carolyn Kois
    Jeanne and Robert Kollmeyer
    Joan Kramer
    Mia Krantz
    Lisa Kropp

    Jeff and Jennifer Larson
    Jennifer and Jeff Larson
    Mike and Sara Larson
    Karen Lemke
    Ken and Diane Lemke
    Judith and Charles Lerner
    Justine and Joseph Lesperance
    Bridget and Ray Lewellyn
    Nancy Linnell-Roeglin
    Nichole Logan
    Amanda Luff

    Darlene MacBride
    Debbie MacNab-Crandall
    Juanita Malloy
    Daniel Maloney
    Karen Manning
    Jeanne and Dave Mantsch
    Jason Marshall
    Jennifer Mattek
    Carolyn McCarthy

    Hannelore McDermott
    Antoine and Jade McDuffie
    Diane McMahon and Ken Lemke
    Fabiola Mejia
    Michelle Milford
    Joseph Miller and Denise Domian
    Tommasina Miller
    Alice and Walter Mirk
    Robin Mosleth
    Patricia H. Mueller

    Karen Narloch-Milford and Jim Milford
    Daniel and Anna Narvey
    Thomas and Kathleen Nelson
    Peggy Noonan and Julian Taagen
    Janet Norquist-Gonzalez

    Elizabeth O'Donnell
    Emily O'Neill Zavala

  • P
    Lorraine Pagel and Robert Buskirk
    Amanda and Anthony Panciera
    Tom Paprocki
    Lauren Pendergast
    Brittany Peters and Christopher Brook
    Lucia Petrie
    Tony Petullo
    Kaelee Pietrini
    Raymond Pollen and Kay Wifler Pollen


    Peter Radakovich
    Bret Rappaport
    Kate Redmond
    Charla Reetz
    Emily Reinhard
    Katy Resop Benway and Joel Benway
    Laura Rhyne

    Kelly Ringston
    Augie and James Rodenbeck
    Suzanne Rose and Harold Trenka
    Karyn Rotker-Lynn and Leon Lynn

    David and Ellen Sahar
    Sandra Sánchez Segura
    Stephanie Sandy and Allan F. Montezon
    Katharine Sanford
    Elena Santi
    Teresa Sarnowski
    Jill and Christopher Schmid
    Frank A. Schneiger
    Marge and Randy Schumann
    Joshua Selje
    Davita Shanklin
    Elisabeth Shock
    Rob Sholl
    Daniel Shovers
    Mary and Ken Skare

    Carolyn and Timothy Spath
    Gillian Spence
    Paul Stamas
    Brittany Stanley and Cameron Robinson
    A.J. Star
    Heidi and Brian Stevens
    Jeannie Stranzl

    Janet Tallberg
    Lauren Tatum
    Victoria Teerlink and Jeff Drope
    The Thielke Family
    Catherine Thisted
    Chad and Heather Thomack
    Robert and Laura Tobon
    Barbara and Leon Todd
    Amanda Tokuyama
    Grace Trecha
    Corrie Tritz and Thomas Courtney

  • U
    D. Michael and Orchard Utzinger

    Paul Vandeveld
    Tim Vargo and Jessie Tobin
    Melinda and Christopher Vernon
    Tammy Von Allmen
    Sara Voss

    Jonathan Ward Sheldon and Wendy Wasserman Milo Wehmeyer Tina Weingroff Austin Wendorf Heather Whitmill Zachery Wiles Allysha Willman JoAnn Willmering Kathy Willmering Katie Willmering Samantha Wilson and Florent Ray Hentschke George Wise Sharon Wolf


    Y Rich Kahl and Laurie Jean Yahr Chris and Michelle Young Diane Yurasovich and Heather Nennig

    Z Mark and Kate Zachar Ashley Zeiher

Foundations, Corporations, & Organizations
(sorted by first name in organization title)

Please see next section for Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Jewish Community Foundation listings.

  • Allegis Global Solutions
    CG Schmidt Inc.
    Eaton Corporation
    M3 Insurance Foundation
    Old National Bank

    PNC Foundation
    Purple Door Ice Cream
    Target Corporation
    The George B. Storer Foundation
    The ROS Foundation
    Union Pacific Foundation

  • Colton Charitable Fund

    John C. and Harriett Cleaver Fund

    Harri Hoffmann Family Foundation

    Herzfeld Foundation

  • Eileen & Howard Dubner Donor Advised Fund

In Honor of (sorted by last name of honoree)

  • Kellie and Ro's Wedding!
    - Juan Buitrago

    Maestro Miguel
    - Sandra Sánchez Segura

    Jay and Carolyn Scott
    - Matthew Helmerich and Jeffrey Harwell

In Memory of (sorted by last name of the deceased)

  • Robert O. Schlytter, Marion C. Schlytter, and Robert B. Schlytter
    - The ROS Foundation

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