The UEC can change your life – believe me

Written by Jaime Cano
    Monday, 23 July 2018
The UEC can change your life – believe me

When I first started working at the Urban Ecology Center, I had only been in the United States for a year or so. I was still struggling with a lot of stuff: language, friends, work, and what the heck I was going make of myself in this new place. The UEC was my beginning. It was where I began to find myself, my passions, and my place. 

The UEC is full of indescribable people – but I’ll give it a shot. They are patient and kind, intelligent, strong, and giving. I needed a lot of help at first and I always felt supported. Everyone was willing to take time to teach, to listen, and to guide me when needed. It’s because of them I feel like I can succeed in other places. I’ve learned how to present myself in a respectful and open way, and interact with others to create positive and constructive dialogue – even if we may disagree. I see people and opinions and philosophy in a different way now. These are invaluable skills.

The UEC taught me a sense of community. It showed me how truly important it is to care for your community and come together with neighbors to bring the best out of any environment. It showed me the power of revitalization and positive action and energy. I see the difference we make in the community and in the lives of the families we serve. I feel a sense of belonging with the UEC and for the first time, inspiration to invest in and care for my community, wherever that may be.


The Urban Ecology Center staff

The UEC showed me the importance of caring for our Earth and respecting and nurturing our environment. It introduced me to the idea of sustainable living and sustainable practices and showed me it is possible for a successful business to have sustainable practices and run in a way that respects and gives back to our Earth. I’ve completely changed the way I live. I’ve completely changed how I make decisions. It also reminded me how important nature is in my life and how important it is to fight to make sure all kids and families have it in theirs.


Summer Camp participants at the Milwaukee lakefront learning and having fun 

The UEC is the reason I am going to move on to a Masters at UWM Madison. It’s the reason I am inspired to dedicate my work to an environmental field and the reason I want to spend my life working to not only make other people’s lives better, but to protect our environment at the same time.

If you haven’t experienced the UEC yet, you’re missing out. However big – like me – or however small, it will make an impact on you.  

Jaime Cano

Jaime Cano

Jaime Cano Lopez was born in Sevilla, España. He came to Wisconsin in 2014 and after a very rough first winter he has fully embraced this great state as home. Jaime is the Visitor Services Specialist at the Menomonee Valley branch, where the community can enjoy his humor and joy. In his free time he likes to travel, play sports, and enjoy nature with his lovely wife, dog and cat.


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